Team Esface we believe that a well rounded player has strong mental fortitude, this is why we teamed up with sports psychology group LUCID to help us bring their mental training curriculum to life for our players. We feel that Lucid's well re-known curriculum will be easy to teach an translates well over multiple age groups. This curriculum is also easy to practice on and off the court.

Lucid's curriculum will help our players develop the following:

  • Build supreme confidence in your abilities
  • Help develop laser like focus
  • Help build relentless determination

Originally Play Present Mental Training, Lucid is a nationally renowned sports psychology company started by sports psychologist Graham Betchart and Stanford basketball student athlete and alumni Andrew Zimmerman. Play Present has helped NBA players like Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic), Zach LaVine (Minnesota Timberwolves), and Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics), along with many other athletes in their quest for greatness on the court. Recently, Graham and Andrew teamed up with George Mumford (mind coach for Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan) & Tech entrepreneur Jason Stirman to develop an advanced curriculum and release it in the App world. Now, Team Esface is bringing this amazing peak performance training curriculum to our  basketball players.

At our Clinics & Games: We invite all players to arrive early to listen to this week's Play Present plays led by our Clinic Directors.

Visit Lucid to download your app: We invite all our players to visit Lucid's website to find out more information about their curriculum.

We are very excited to dive into some amazing curriculum.