What is Mental Swag?

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The look ahead:

  • Who am I?
  • Who are you?
  • What is SWAG?
  • What is the Mental Swag Blog?

What's up everyone, my name is Carlos Villicaña, I'm the mental coach at Team Esface Basketball Academy and like you I am an avid fan of youth sports and the development it can bring to a player both on the court and off the court. Over my 20 years of being involved with youth basketball at many capacities, I have consistently held a strong passion for teaching life lessons through sport. In my 20 years of being active in youth sports I have been apart of the following:

  • Played basketball recreationally, grade school ball, high school & club basketball.
  • Head coached youths ages 6 - 18 years old
  • Was mentored by some of the best coaches at Team Esface Basketball Academy
  • Currently, I hold Director of Operations position at Team Esface
  • Official Mental Coach for Team Esface Basketball Academy and have coached mental training to over 300 kids and parents in our Academy.

Most importantly the methods and practices that I am going to share with you has helped me change my life to become a more confident coach and ball player. I share these practices with parents to help them connect with their players.

Who are you?

If you are reading this blog you probably have a player that plays basketball either in a recreational/school league or club team and you want to understand more about how to give your player the best experience possible. You also probably want to understand how to maximize the benefits of youth basketball and the coaching provided. Or perhaps you are interested in connecting with your player while building mental fortitude for you and your player.

If this describes you in any way, then this blog is for you...

What is Swag?

In the marketing industry, S.W.A.G is an acronym that means Stuff We All Get. Typically it is mentioned when we receive some sort of promotional bag that includes things you will eventually throw away (think branded stress balls, pens, calendars etc). From my experience, it's really rare that you find anything of use in a S.W.A.G bag, but I guess that's why we all get them.

In the fashion industry, SWAG means something entirely different. SWAG is the way we look in new pair of Jordans or new snapback hat. It's the confidence you convey in your new uniform. It's the combination of essential items that help us look like we belong and helps us identify with our own personality. 

What is Mental Swag?

Mental Swag = Confidence

We feel it in the way we move, the way we look and talk. it's strength in our voice, it's the way we command our actions and attitude in a huddle. SWAG isn't something that stays on the court, it's how we look and feel off the court. Not everyone has SWAG, but there is a way to achieve it.

This mentality is extremely important for well rounded basketball players and compliment our holistic mind, body, skill approach in our training. 

What is the Mental Swag blog?

After practicing with and following many elite minds in youth sports for over 15 years, we at Team Esface want to share the information with our followers to help parents teach and support their players to become well rounded athletes.

The information we pass along to you will help you achieve the following:

  • Help you develop supreme confidence in your player
  • Help you develop laser focus in your player
  • Help you develop a healthy competitive drive in your player
  • Help you develop grit in your player
  • Help you develop a consistent work ethic in your player

The insight and curriculum we will share come from many youth sports mental training including, but not limited to:

We also take many tips and tools from experts in complimentary industries like:

At the end of the day we want to give our parents and followers the best information possible to help develop their kids in the youth sports industry. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at carlos@teamesface.com

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  Carlos Villicaña

  Team Esface Mental Coach

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