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Click the image above to get an inside look at one of our Neo Prep Clinics!

For Boys & Girls Ages 6 - 9

Neo Prep is designed to offer introductory hoopers a chance to learn the game the RIGHT WAY. The base of all games is the fundamental skills, which will be introduced in a high energy, yet highly focused atmosphere to make sure the foundation is set rock solid for every Team Esface athlete.

Meet our Neo Prep Manager Erika Garcia. You can contact her at

NEO Prep players will participate in 90 minute skills clinics to focus on the basic skills of shooting, finishing, ball handling, defense, and passing, and will have the opportunity to use those skills in real games. Our Neo Prep skill clinics will be coached by Team Esface Elite Trainers. Have fun, laugh, cheer, sweat, all while learning how to properly play the best sport on a court.

2017 fall NEO PREP

Season Starts: September 6th - October 25th

Sessions take place every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm at Sportshouse 3151 Edison Way, Redwood City, CA 94063


neo PREP sessions INCLUDE

All NEO PREP sessions have the following features

elite coaching staff

Our elite coaching staff are a collection of patient energetic teachers that have played at the collegiate level. Our staff is passionate about teaching the fundamentals to ball players who want to have fun and get better.

All of our coaches have taught and coached at the NEO PREP age level for multiple seasons an understand how to teach the game.

Meet one of our NEO PREP Coaches, Benissa Bulaya


holistic curriculum & fun environment

NEO PREP creates a fun low stakes energetic environment that attracts the attention of young players and encourages them to try new things and to get out of their comfort zone while on the court.

Our curriculum challenges players every week and emphasizes on building the core fundamentals. Our curriculum also instills the need to develop a sound mind, a strong body and a set of sharpened skills to become a great basketball player.

An example of our fundamental curriculum - The Chest Pass


ReaL team game atmosphere

At the end of every NEO PREP workout session, players will play with their teams in a low stakes game that gives players the opportunity to transfer over the skills learned during the workout session. These games also give the players an opportunity to learn how to play with other players and build camaraderie and friendships with other players.

To be apart of a team for the full season sign up for a 8 session, 10 or 15 session package. These sessions include a reversible jersey!

WHAT people are SAYING ABOUT neo prep

“This confidence is attributed to the fact that these coaches believe in him and his potential.”
— Shirley N | Fremont
Team Esface is a tremendous organization that has allowed my boys to learn to love playing basketball and also how to be a good all around athlete and competitor. The boys get plenty of fundamentals, but the biggest gift has been the exposure to high level coaching that has transformed their commitment and knowledge of being a payer. The boys have learned to be respectful and committed and their actions have resulted in great games as well as great friends and experiences.
Team Esface brings so much more to the boys with expectations on training, health and sportsmanship, the intangibles that make this organization so very different from the others we have tried. Well worth it and the families they attracted are a bonus in that it is a community that you want to be with on and off the curt.
— Sarah | Menlo Park



2017 Fall NEO PREP Pricing

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full season packages

All packages include a Team Esface red/white reversible jerseys

8 Session Package (Once Per Week during the Fall Season): $400

10 Session Package: $495

15 Session Package (Full Season, twice per week): $725

*Individual sessions packages also available