Nope, it’s not Italian or French. You pronounce it \es – FAH – chee.\

Esface is an acronym for Education and Service through Fashion, Athletics, Community and Entertainment.

• Education – in basketball training and character development -- a skills “crossover” to life

• Service – to our young people and community, building youths of exceptional character and drive

• Fashion – because threads are your second skin and announce your upbeat self. “Look good. Feel good. Play good.”

• Athletics – are the hook, what drives you to give everything you got individually and as a team

• Community – to create bonds among kids from diverse family backgrounds who have no other way than sports to connect

• Entertainment – because high-energy enjoyment and creativity should be in everything we do Team Esface Basketball is a training organization.

The Team Esface program equips kids with basketball skills and drills, the nuances of why they work, and the fire and work ethic to take that knowledge and g