@teamesface@trucnnyc No kidding! We actually run a basketball program if you ever want to check us out.
@teamesfaceEyes on the game, always ready to go. http://t.co/fQ9uoJ0amP
@teamesface@trucnnyc Awesome! How old is he?
@teamesface@trucnnyc What position does Ly play?
@teamesface@swaggy_jake24 Dope! How are the games there?
@teamesfaceR Y. took a trip to Yelp and had some great things to say about us! Thanks, R Y.! http://t.co/17ZwwTZlfg
@teamesfaceZach LaVine = not human. http://t.co/5jN7agQsel
@teamesfaceHow are we doing? Give us your input here!
@teamesfaceWith all the playoffs going on, just remember who was the best to ever lace 'em up. http://t.co/39K0MKfg9n

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