@teamesface@BoozeCandy Cool. Did you shoot any hoops?
@teamesface@BoozeCandy That's an awesome playground! Where is that?
@teamesface@myyshell Woah, wait wait -- did you really play ball in 108F weather?
@teamesface@alexharty It's the best. How long have you been playing?
@teamesface@alexharty So did you end up playing ball or nah?
@teamesfaceHappy Draft day! If you were to be drafted by one team, who would you want it to be? http://t.co/EV6ZqHayS1
@teamesface@akafoa10 We love having your lil bro here, Austin. Great to see him work hard and have fun.
@teamesface@davidleary Bummer! Did you file a police report?
@teamesface@davidleary Better late than never! How was that prime rib? Would love to hear!

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