@teamesface@yousinthehous Heard that! What's your favorite ride at Great America?
@teamesface@bri_sailing Just best friends?
@teamesfaceWe want to know -- what team do you play with on NBA 2K?
@teamesface@yousinthehous Nice! Did you try all the games that day?
@teamesface@atp_guy We're a club basketball program for kids. If you know anyone trying to join a team let them know about us.
@teamesfaceLast summer hoop camp...let's go!: http://t.co/ztFwXr211j
@teamesface@bri_sailing Are you sure you guys aren't sisters? You look so much alike.
@teamesface@yousinthehous Did you win it at the basketball game?
@teamesface@atp_guy Awesome! Did you play any other sports?

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