@teamesface@AAhsen98 Heard that! You think last night's shot was the best he's ever made?
@teamesfaceWho wants to see The Dubs win it all this year? http://t.co/jzsc6YSWsE
@teamesface@keepupthebanter Haha, were you repping Klay when he was a Cougar? We rep both of them: http://t.co/nVW3ZMui90
@teamesface@kurtisleehermes Wait a minute -- you work for the NBA?
@teamesface@keepupthebanter Haha, love the confidence! Here's one -- Steph Curry of Klay Thompson?
@teamesface@keepupthebanter Good call! Think they'll beat the Pelicans?
@teamesfaceWhen the ball goes up, we leave it all on the court. http://t.co/tBtKngZ8s8
@teamesfaceWe love letting our fans do the talking! Reply here with your feedback, and we may feature it as a testimonial on our social media profiles!
@teamesfaceWhat's your go-to dribble move? a) Crossover, b) Around the back, c) In-n-out dribble, d) Between the legs, e) Other.
@teamesfaceHoop Camp Build Characters, Flash Back: http://t.co/aChELEZcZw

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