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2019 Spring/Summer BLACK CLUB



Our Black Club, popularly known as “AAU” basketball, consists of teams that travel to local and regional tournaments to compete against peers of varying talent. Team Esface aims to expose our players to ballers whose love for basketball and commitment to improvement parallels our own. Exposure to varying styles of basketball helps us recognize the potency of our craft while steadily polishing and refining our personal brand and style.

This new Black Club academy is a “dual-impact” approach to club basketball that attacks both individual and team development. During team practices, coaches merge players’ current abilities to create a cohesive unit on the hardwood; during Team Esface skills clinics, players attack their weaknesses and steadily improve their skills to enhance what they offer their team on the court. Intense skills development workouts (built into your package) immediately before or after your practice provides players a safe haven for experimentation, helping them develop their individual style and steadily refine their skills.

Both 13U & 14U classes will have at least 8 players on two teams, but no more than 11. These team rosters can adjust periodically based upon the needs of the player(s) and the team dynamic during the season. Every coach from each class will know every player along with their strengths and weaknesses, this will give us a better opportunity to service the player through multiple coaches. These teams will practice together at all times and will run an academy style offense/defense so that every player understands the system being implemented (incase they are moved from their team).


We are making some changes to our Spring / Summer Season in 2019. In order to maximize our time on the court with our Black and Red Club team and to not interfere with family vacations, we have decided to move our Spring Summer Season to start in mid-March and end in mid-June. This will allow families to take vacations in July before many schools start in mid-August. For families who may not go on vacation, players can participate in our AAU Elite Hoop Camp which is after the season ends. Here are a few key changes to our season below:

  • SEASON BEGINS: MONDAY, March 11th - SUNDAY, June 16th

  • Travel Tournament to Los Angeles in place of Las Vegas. This will still ensure high-level competition on a national stage (at the Coca-Cola National Tournament), but also reduce expenses for families to travel, keeping families on the west coast. Also, with changes in the NCAA rules, Vegas will no longer be as much of the epicenter during July as it has been historically.

Holidays (not on the court): 

  • Memorial Weekend: May 25th - 27th

  • Spring Break: April 1st - 7th


13U & 14U black club package includes

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As important as team practices are, it's as important to your develop your player’s individual skills. These workouts are training sessions led by your coach to work specifically on individual skills. Trainings will take place IMMEDIATELY BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR PRACTICE. Practices on your schedule that are scheduled for 2.5 hours will consist of a 1.5 hour practice + 1 hour skill training.

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These 90 minute Team Practices will not only be an opportunity to learn offensive and defensive strategies, but will focus on more team skill and concepts. This is the time where players get to implement the skills they acquire at skills clinics into real-game situations.

Teams will have 2 practices on weekdays and 1 practice on non-tournament weekends (typically on Saturdays).


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Our teams play in highest caliber tournaments in the Bay Area. We make sure they are playing against the best competition for their development. Below is a list of tournaments we will be participating in:

Black Club teams will participate in 7 Local Tournament (games on Sat & Sun)

We will participate in the Coca Cola National Tournament in Los Angeles. (June 14th - 16th)

13U Black - Dele will be playing in an additional Tournament in San Diego. (March 30th - 31st)


PRICE: 2,395*

*13U - Dele will be priced differently due to the extra Travel Tournament

Includes all of the information above (including additional workouts after practice)

Note: This package does not include a jersey (which is required) but DOES INCLUDE a new shooting shirt. ALL NEW PLAYERS MUST PURCHASE A JERSEY DURING CHECK OUT.


REFUND POLICY: Please view our refund policy BEFORE PURCHASING: 

EXPECTATIONS REQUIREMENT: By registering for this team package you have agreed to meet all expectations required of being a part of a Black Club team.

These prices DO NOT include a jersey. However may be purchased during check out.