ABOUT THE 16U Elite Travel Team

Team Esface has made the decision to NOT stop serving our athletes after 8th grade. Their careers are far from over and we want to stay intimately involved as they progress through high school. We believe we can help every player reach their goals of playing at the next level, becoming high level VARSITY players and maximizing their chances of getting college athletic scholarships.

We understand that high school players have new values:

  • Maximum exposure = playing in front of college coaches
  • Maximum competition = playing against top talent in the country

After months of meeting with top AAU directors and coaches all over the bay area, we are excited to announce our special package specifically for our class of 2019, the first class to enter our program in the 4th grade and the most talented class in years. 

This year we will be partnering with SPLASH CITY, the official UNDER ARMOR program, to put this 16U team on one of the most competitive circuits out there.  There will be one National Steph Curry team (17U) and our 16U team will the West Coast elite team that will be playing under the same name, ensuring our players get maximize exposure and recognition by college coaches everywhere. 




This Schedule begins March 28th and ends July 30th. Excludes the month of JUNE in respect to school summer league.

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Every Thursday


Cubberley Pavilion (Palo Alto, CA)

These 60 minute workouts are training sessions led by Coach D Mo and other Master and Elite Trainers to work specifically on individual. This training will take place in a high energy, positive environment that nurtures holistic development through our mind, body and skill curriculum.

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Every Tuesday


These 2-hour Practices will not only be an opportunity to learn offensive and defensive strategy, but will focus on more team skill and concepts. 

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These 90 minutes weekend practices will take place on non-tournament weekends and will sharpen your teams skills and strengthen their chemistry & camaraderie.


Our 16U Elite team will be on an Under Armor West Coast Circuit. This will ensure competing against top talent in the nation and getting maximum exposure during BOTH of the LIVE periods (when NCAA coaches can view athletes): April and July. 


April & May: As the Bay Area AAU scene strengthens, more and more BIG events are happening right here in our backyard, allowing us to both play against top competition and be seen my colleges while not traveling every weekend. 

June (OFF): To respect our High School programs and the SUMMER LEAGUES, we are taking JUNE completely off with optional private trainings to ensure our players are ATTACKING THEIR WEAKNESSES in this valuable off season. They will be playing 20-30 games this month with their school teams (per conversations with some programs) so meeting 1x per week strictly on skill work is all we feel is necessary this month. 

July: Highest travel season. THREE big Travel events. Our team can eliminate ONE of these to cut costs and reduce travel but it will be up to us to decide early in season. 

* UNDER ARMOR FINALS in Georgia: This event is the culmination for the Under Armor circuit that brings all of the top colleges out under ONE ROOF so our boys are likely to be playing on the biggest stage they've played on yet. 


Head Coach: Mustafa Abdul-Hamid


Mustafa was brought on to Team Esface last season and he and Dele have developed a very good personal and business relationship. Mustafa was a PG for the 2006-2010 UCLA Men's Basketball team that appeared in back to back Final Fours. He won several awards including UCLA Scholar athlete of the year, the Bruin leadership award, PAC 10 First All-Academic Team, PAC 10 Tom Hansen Conference Medal Winner. He played professionally in Europe for 4 years in top leagues in Germany, France, Serbia, and Slovenia. He returned to the States to earn his MA at Stanford and launch his own company, Boost. Boost is a sports training platform for youth athletes and a new marketplace for coaches.

Contact info:



ASSISTANT COACH: Anthony Demartini

Player Skill Development Coach: David "D Mo" Moore

Player Character development & college recruitment coach: Dele Sobomehin