"Coach D Mo has all of the qualities that a player (and a parent) would look for in a trainer - exceptional technical skills, a passion for player development, and a love of the game. He is appropriately tough, sets high expectations of his players, and pays attention to detail in his workouts. After 8 weeks with D Mo, my son is asserting himself on the court like I’ve never seen before."
- Catherine C. | Palo Alto, California



Professional basketball training for your athlete. Coach D Mo evaluates your player's
abilities then develops a personalized curriculum for your player.


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About coach d mo

basketball EXPERIENCE:


  • NBA Skills Coach
  • 10 year skill development trainer
  • Transformed hundreds of athletes through out the Bay Area 
  • Team Esface Master Trainer
  • Team Esface Director of Skill Development 
  • Team Esface Director of Phenom Prep


  • 10 year AAU club coach 
  • 2 National Championships
  • 1 top 15 National team
  • 2 top 25 West Coast teams
  • 3 top 5 Northern California teams
  • 75+ club tournament championships

High School: Kalaheo HS (Kailua, HI)

  • All State Defensive player 
  • All State Fab 15 player
  • OIA State champion
  • Captain and MVP 
  • Varsity Point Guard

College: Hawaii Pacific University (NCAA D2) (Honolulu, HI)

CoacH BIO:

In the 1990’s, David Moore Sr established himself as a Strength Training guru following his All-American basketball days. 

Everyday he would train with his son and transfer the knowledge from his strength program's down to his son.

His son is the man you are learning about today. David “D Mo” Moore Jr is an NBA Skills Coach and transforms athletes through his passion and love for basketball.

D Mo, born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii, began playing basketball at the age of 2. After playing for and graduating from Kalaheo High School, D Mo attended Hawaii Pacific University and later made his way to the Bay Area.

D Mo always maintained an interest in basketball. After college, D Mo was asked to Coach a youth basketball team where he found his true calling developing athletes on and off the court.

Today, D Mo trains basketball athletes of all ages/levels putting them through what he calls, “Transformation Training."

D Mo's training programs bring results to every athlete that signs up with him.

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