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Youth Basketball Academy Offering Teams, Camps, and Training | Redwood City, California

Youth Basketball Teams, Camps and Training


Our Coaching Philosophy

Learn more about why parents joined our basketball academy.

Our youth basketball coaches teach athletes to develop their mind, body, and skill. These are the core pillars needed to become a high-performing athlete.

We want our players to holistically develop and build character while acquiring next-level basketball skills. Life lessons learned through basketball training, camps, and competition are as important as the on-court successes they experience.

In our programs, your athlete learns how to be efficient on both sides of the court through competitive leagues, camps, clinics, and personal training.

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What does "ESFACE" MEan?

Pronounced "es" – "FAH" – "chee"

Esface is an acronym for Education and Service through Fashion, Athletics, Community and Entertainment.

• Education – in basketball training and character development -- a skills “crossover” to life.

• Service – to our young athletes, people, and community, building exceptional character and drive.

• Fashion – because threads are your second skin and announce your upbeat self. “Look good. Feel good. Play good.”

• Athletics – are the hook, what drives you to give everything you got individually and as a team.

• Community – to create bonds among kids from diverse family backgrounds who have no other way than sports to connect.

• Entertainment – because high-energy enjoyment and creativity should be in everything we do.

Our basketball program equips kids with basketball skills and drills, the nuances of why they work, and the drive and work ethic to take that knowledge and grow.