For Hoopers Ages 9-11

Transformation, growth, and confidence. That's what it's all about right? We created Hoop Club so your athlete can grow their skills and play against the right level of competition. The curriculum integrates skill development with competitive gameplay.

Your child wants an environment of competitive play and skill development. Hoop Club is a level above beginners and below advanced athletes.

Hoop Club builds confidence, grows skill, and promotes competitive gameplay. 


AGE GROUP: 9-11 years
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
SEASON: November 7th - February 20th
TIMES: 4pm - 5:30pm
LOCATION: SportsHouse | 3151 Edison Way, Redwood City, CA 94063

- Safe & energetic environment
- Skill development + fundamentals
- Experienced coaches
- 60-minutes of skill development
- 30-minutes of competitive gameplay

Team Esface is a tremendous organization that has allowed my boys to learn to love playing basketball and also how to be a good all around athlete and competitor. The boys get plenty of fundamentals, but the biggest gift has been the exposure to high level coaching that has transformed their commitment and knowledge of being a payer. The boys have learned to be respectful and committed and their actions have resulted in great games as well as great friends and experiences.
Team Esface brings so much more to the boys with expectations on training, health and sportsmanship, the intangibles that make this organization so very different from the others we have tried. Well worth it and the families they attracted are a bonus in that it is a community that you want to be with on and off the court.
— Sarah | Menlo Park


Our coaching staff is a collection of patient energetic teachers that have played at the collegiate level. What does it mean to be a patient energetic teacher?

Our job is to help you and your child get results. We have to be empathetic coaches. Empathetic towards each athlete's skill level and development. Not everyone learns how to do a crossover in the first 10 minutes, but with patience and energy they can get there by the end of the session. It's about having fun and getting better and providing a positive, safe, and encouraging environment.


Hoop Club creates a fun low stakes energetic environment that attracts the attention of young players and encourages them to try new things and to get out of their comfort zone while on the court.

Our curriculum challenges players to try new things and get out of their comfort zone while on the court. Every week we focus on the core fundamentals (shooting, dribbling, rebounding, and defense). The core of every curriculum is to instill a strong mind, body and skillset needed to become a top-level basketball player.

At the end of every Hoop Club workout session, players get into teams and compete in a low stakes environment to apply the skills learned during the skills sessions. These games teach our young athletes how to play with others and build camaraderie and friendships.