individual items you can donate

Below is a list of items that Team Esface athletes have access to. You can purchase these for our scholarship players so that they can have the same high quality experience.

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Team Programming (Black Club, TrueLeague AAU & ReaLeague)

Our team programs are an immersive basketball experience that brings players from all socio-economical backgrounds together to build community and understand how to learn basketball. These team participate in local and national tournaments against some of the best competition in the country. Average Annual Costs: Between $3,000 - $5,000 (dependent on team program)


Private Workouts & Strength Training

Basketball is a skill sport so it's essential that players develop their skills continuously during the season and in the off season. Our private workouts allow players to develop their skills with our professional trainers: Average Annual Cost: $2,420 (twice a week training)

We also believe that a players strength plays a vital role in their development and so we offer strength training to our Team Esface athletes as well. Average Annual Cost: $1,800 (year round strength training)

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Uniform & Shooting Shirts

We know that looking fresh is a vital part of feeling great, which is why Team Esface supplies it's players with some of the highest quality team and active gear available including team uniforms, shooting shirts & seasonal wear. We want all of our players to hit the court with confidence in themselves and in their game. Average Annual Cost: $195

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Out of Town National Tournament Travel

Our Team Esface Black Club players have the opportunity to travel to some of the most competitive tournaments in the country. However, with the rising cost of plane tickets, gas, hotels and food not all players get the opportunity to participate in these tournaments. Give the gift of travel today. Average Annual Cost: $2,380