What parents should know about strength training for youth

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Enhance your health. Reduce your injury risk. Improve your performance

As strength coaches, we’re often confronted with the question of if resistance training stunts growth, or is harmful to young athletes. This misconception could not be further from the truth. Every human body has a unique physiology and development process. Some youth grow before high school, some grow during high school, some grow after high school (Anthony Davis), if resistance training were to stunt growth many high school programs would not have their athletes in the weight room. We know this is not the case, as most high school programs require weights. Resistance training greatly ENHANCES bone density. A population of 9-10yr old girl improved their bone density by 7% during a 10 month resistance training program. Compared to 1% increase in the same age group participating in regular physical activity. There are many other studies finding similar results. What’s the bottom line? The more dense a bone is, the less likely it is to fracture (i.e Less injury risk).

On a similar note the term resistance training is associated with weight lifting movements. Weightlifting is part of resistance training, but resistance training can be as simple as a bodyweight squat. Our MAD curriculum focuses on FUNCTIONAL and SAFE movements. This entails a large amount of bodyweight or light weight movements, with an emphasis on proper technique, and adequate rest between sets. At MAD we have comprehensive approach to your child's health, focusing on core stability/mobility, balance, proper jumping/sprinting mechanics, fundamental weightlifting variations, and flexibility. When put all together this will greatly decrease the risk of injury and greatly enhance performance!

10 Reason for Resistance Training (in youth and adults)

  1. Stronger Muscles

  2. Stronger Bones

  3. Stronger Tendons

  4. Stronger Ligaments

  5. More Muscle Mass/ Less Fat Mass

  6. Higher Metabolism

  7. Decrease Stress Reduction

  8. Greater Physical Capacity

  9. Increased Self-Confidence



- Murray Athletic Development, powering Team Esface Strength