Team Esface partners with Boost to offer at-home workouts and training

Team Esface Familia,

I'm happy to announce an amazing app that you all have access to for this season. For years we have tried to find ways to hold our players accountable for the work they do outside of our weekly practices. We all know it's the "dungeon" work (when no one is watching) that separates the good from the great.

This season we've partnered with BOOST to offer a platform where your athlete can have a personalized digital workout plan that he can do at home or at a nearby park or gym.

How will this be used? - Coaches all have the app and the players will be able to send training videos to them on the app for feedback, check-ins, etc.

- Coaches will assign homework to ensure work is being put in outside of practices.

- Basketball IQ homework from time to time.

- Mental skills content used to develop the mind of our athletes.


So what now? Make sure your kid downloads the app and uses it for FREE with code "teamesface" (all lowercase no space).


Stay Hungry. Stay Positive. Stay Esface.


Onward and upward,


Coach Dele



TL;DR (Too long, Didn’t Read)

  • Customized Mind, Body, Skill workouts.

  • Use team code “teamesface” 100% discount. Enter code, add credit card, you will not be charged.

  • We run updates based on feedback. Always keep app updated.



What is Boost?

Boost puts every athlete through a Basketball DNA test so we know the player’s strengths, weaknesses, and the skill set they want to master. Then we provide a customized weekly skills, strength, and mental training program. This includes:


- Access to chat with and ask questions to coaches

- Basketball IQ and decision making exams

- Training goals report

- Unlimited storage for you to upload your drills, practice, highlights, and game clips


How will Boost help my athlete?

Here’s a breakdown of the Boost training methodology.

A 12 year old and the 10,000 hour rule (3 min. read)


Is your app as smart as you say it is?

For parents that are interested in the more technical aspects of hoop, how the game is changing, and how the app captures the evolution...check out If Brad Stevens was a computer scientist (5 min. read)


Onboarding for Athletes

When Team Esface players sign up, they need to enter their team code in order to receive $0 pricing. The code is teamesface. All lowercase, no spaces. Some kids will make a mistake. If they do, they can change their Team Code by going to Profile > Settings > Team code


Product Features Video

This is a quick video about product features. Hopefully this is a clear overview, but I’m happy to make another quick video or answer specific questions that you all may have. Best way to get questions answered is to text me.


YouTube Channel

This is our YouTube Channel. I put up 50-100 drill videos. If there are any athletes that don’t have an iPhone, they can use our channel. If you want more videos, send us a note...we have 500 more that aren’t publicly available.


Champion’s Mind

New Team Esface coach, Keith Jensen, will be collaborating to produce content for Champion’s Mind. This is the section focused on confidence, mindfulness, etc. This is fresh off the press, we’re editing and uploading beginning of June!


Mustafa’s Contact Info

c: (314) 808-7954