The Kiran Kruse Story | Committed to the Process

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Kiran Kruse: Committed to the Process

Kiran Kruse was a part of the first 4th grade team to ever be formed in Team Esface back in 2011. I had the privilege of coaching this group of boys. Kiran was above average in height and passionate about the game of basketball. He has solid skills at that point but after observing him during the first season, it was clear he needed a transformation in one area: Anti-Softness. Anti-Softness is defined by having the mental and physical toughness to do whatever it takes to put your team in position to win. For Kiran this meant he had to embrace the physical aspect of the game. He needed to assert himself by boxing out for rebounds, take care of the ball by ripping through contact and not retreating, and driving to the paint for higher percentage shots instead of settling for jumpers. Kiran, his parents and I sat down for meeting to set up a plan for this first transformation. Playing more down low and being trained in the ways of anti-softness in skills clinics and workouts were the main parts of the plan. He went after it relentlessly. I was so impressed with how serious he took his development. He understood at a very young age that in order to be great at something, you needed to step outside of your comfort zone and “attack your weaknesses”. After the next season, his game elevated in a major way. He became a frequent starter and higher impact player.

Then his first setback hit: Injury. In the summer before his 6th grade year, Kiran broke off a piece of cartilage in his knee. This required surgery to have it removed. Instead of getting discouraged, we sat down again with the his parents and put together a bounce back plan. He would have to sit out most of the season and when he returned he would have to fight his way back into the starting line up. He was happy again, playing the game he loved and continuing his growth through his commitment to the process.

It happened again, at the end of his 7th grade school year, he experienced a concussion that sat him out for most of his AAU season. Instead of getting discouraged, we did the same thing we always did when adversity hit: created a plan to on how he would bounce back. He would have the hardest job of committing to the plan and having vision for who he could become after he had healed. Many kids would have given up by now, choosing another hobby or accepting that they would never be an elite player at the next level. Not Kiran, he would develop a close relationship with our Strength Team by working out 2-3 times per week at the Esface Cage. He would return once again and have to fight his way back into the rotation on a team that had become the most competitive team in Team Esface.

Kiran’s commitment to the process paid off hugely in high school. He went to Bellarmine College Prep and after just completing his junior year season, you could say he’s had a lot of success as a scholar athlete. Read below for some of his accomplishments:

  • Freshman Year:

    • Freshman A team

    • 2nd in WCAL

    • Ankle injury, missed half season

  • Sophomore Year:

    • Varsity player: One of three sophomores that made it on Varsity

    • 14-0 in WCAL

    • CCS Finals, lost to St. Francis

    • Open Division for NorCal (top division)

  • Junior Year:

    • 14-0 in WCAL

    • CCS Champions

    • Open Division for NorCal (top division)

    • Second Team All-League (WCAL)

    • Prep 2 Prep Junior of the Year. Click here for article

  • Senior Year: Stay tuned...

We are excited to see how he finishes strong as a senior next year and then takes his talents to a 4 year college under a full ride scholarship. Stay Hungry and thank you for your inspiring story of Commitment.

- Coach Dele