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Youth Basketball Academy Offering Teams, Camps, and Training | Redwood City, California


with KEITH JENSEN’s Mindfulness-Based Mental Skills Program



“We went to Keith because our son was not shooting well, he was getting down on himself... and we couldn’t believe the difference. He went from 0 points to 10 points a game and his confidence went thru the roof and he’s enjoying the game much more!”

- Rachel Pannicia




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  • Topic of the week (taught by a fun activity)

  • Practice of the week (in person & at home)

  • Prompt to investigate how the topic of the week applies to your game

Participants will also receive…

  • 15-minute phone call to each participant

  • Player Profile outlining current mental skills assessment and a plan for development

  • Guided at home exercises including guided meditations, journaling exercises and prompts to ponder how these mental skills concepts affect their games and their lives.


  • Develop greater focus & concentration

  • Become more aware of surroundings and emotions

  • Process and learn from inevitable mistakes and failures while keeping confidence up

  • Become aware of stress and learn to respond to it vs. react to it

  • Practice a perspective that allows you to enjoy the game more

  • Enhance your ability to live a mindful and purposeful life!


about keith jensen


I played high school basketball in San Diego, then played collegiate ball at New York University. I graduated with a B.A. in Communications, then went on to play professionally in the Philippines for 5 years. Since retiring, I became trained to teach a course called mPEAK, mindfulness-based Performance Enhancing Awareness and Knowledge, developed at UCSD's Center for Mindfulness alongside the Chopra Center's Pete Kirchmer.

During my rookie year, a deeper sense of intention arose within me. Rather than continuing to chase the spotlight, I began a search for a more intrinsically-fulfilling purpose. I watched with new awareness as the game exposed egoic habits and beliefs, noticing a clear correlation between my ability to be present and achieving success toward my goals. The game evolved into self-mastery.

During all of my free time, I found myself researching the field of optimal human potential. Most impactfully, I began a consistent practice of sitting in silence and learning my "self;" ultimately using my own experience as a case study in determining the ways in which mindfulness and meditation affect performance.

At the peak of my professional career, I walked away from the game I love to follow a deeper calling: teaching people the art of presence so they can experience greater levels of POWER, POISE, and PRODUCTIVITY.

My specialties:

  • Practices and exercises that uncover internal processes and deep-seeded beliefs to optimize potential as players and people

  • Key terminology to help contextualize the ways we relate to and learn from experience

  • Responses to different states of BE-ing that promote a felt sense of acceptance and freedom so we can perform at our PEAK!

I’ve been coaching and successfully teaching mindfulness based PEAK performance for 4 years. I’m also currently being trained to teach mindfulness to kids by Dr. Amy Saltzman and my three daughters.