Season Begins: Tuesday, September 5th

Season Ends: Sunday, October 29th

10U -14U ReaLeague Divisions (divisions are co-ed)

  • 10U Open (Ages 9 & 10) 
  • 12U Open (Ages 11 & 12) 
  • 12U D1 (Ages 11 & 12, by invite only)
  • 14U Open (Ages 13 & 14) 
  • 14 Only D1 (Age 14 only, by invite only)

High School Division:

  • Junior Varsity (Ages 15 - 17) 
  • Varsity (by invite only)

The ReaLeague (pronounced Real League) is Team Esface’s internal basketball league aimed at providing Bay Area athletes consistent, high-level coaching and competition on a weekly basis.

From Monday-Thursday, ReaLeague participants look to attack their weaknesses in their option of Team Esface Skills Clinics and Private Workouts preparing them to battle on the hardwood with their teams every Friday Night (weekend games for JV & Varsity Divisions) in state-of-the-art locations across Redwood City – SportsHouse and Arrillaga Family Gym. ReaLeague players – boys ages 9 - 17 play professionally officiated games, culminating in playoffs and a championship game to win the coveted ReaLeague trophy.

Team Esface created ReaLeague with the vision of a high-energy culture and environment that offers players a low-stakes opportunity to experiment and develop their skills, IQ, and style, while maximizing player-coach interaction. Team Esface promises real competition, real coaching, and real results; hence the name, REALEAGUE.

Please Note: If you DID NOT participate in Black Club, TrueLeague or Hoop Camp in the Spring Summer, you will need to be evaluated before you can register for ReaLeague. CLICK HERE FOR EVAL INFO


what to expect during your season?

All ReaLeague players will go through the following programs to help them Attack Their Weaknesses before the important basketball season in the Winter.


skill development Workouts

Each package will consist of at least* one skill workout a week. For 10U - 14U Open Divisions these will consist of 90 minute Clinics. These clinics will focus on developing the mind, body and skill of every player. We create a low stakes, high energy environment where players are urged to give their best and try new things. Clinics will be separated by division and feature our patented "levels" curriculum so that every player gets the exact attention and curriculum they need no matter their skill level.

For our 12U D1 & 14 Only D1 Division, players will receive at least* one specialized 60 small group skill workout. These specialized skill workouts will be position and skill specific for each player to help them attack their weaknesses during the Fall.

*Gold Package consists of 1 clinic/workout per week.

*Platinum Package consists of 2 clinics/workout per week

one realeague game per week

Our ReaLeague games are low-stakes, high energy environments where players are urged to try out the skills they learned in their clinics and workouts. These games are professionally officiated and coached games aimed to develop REAL growth.

During the season we will have 1 week of pre-season, followed by 5 weeks of season games, then 2 weeks of playoff games.

10U & 12U Divisions will play Fridays at Arrillaga Family Gym, while 14U Divisions will play at SportsHouse.

High School Divisions will play at Sequoia High School on Sundays.

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mental training & goal planning workshops

Mental fortitude and goal setting are essential pieces for anyone's success in this world, so we will be developing an 8 week mental training & goal planning workshop that will be held right before your clinics and after some games. 

Our goal is to instill habits that will allow any player to create SMART goals, a plan of action to achieve those goals, as well as give them a strong mental fortitude to lead them through the process.

Our partners at Lucid Mental Training have provided us with the mental curriculum used by Pro's all over the world.

private training AVAILABLE

If you are looking for additional private training with our elite skill trainers you can sign up for small group workouts throughout the Fall Season to maximize your training expereince with us.

Many of our elite basketball players participate in ReaLeague, workouts and private training opportunities during the fall season to maximize their potential before the basketball season.



10U, 12U, and 14U Divisions (for Players Ages 9 - 14)

In the 10U - 14U Open Divisions we focus on teaching players the core fundamentals of basketball in a fun energetic environment that will keep them wanting to learn more every day. We also provide a training and playing setting that is low stakes so that players are not worried about failing, rather, they want to focus on implementing what they learn in clinics.

For our more advanced D1 Division (for 12U & 14 Only D1) players we offer a specialized curriculum that will test their skill set and challenge them to attack their weaknesses. Our 12U - 14 Only D1 Divisions also features some of the most committed basketball players in the bay that want to get better at their sport, which heightens the competition level your player will play against during the ReaLeague Games.


JV & Varsity Divisions (Ages 15 and up)

Our ReaLeague High School Divisions are the most competitive Fall leagues in the bay area. Our goal for every player is to prepare them to play (and start) for their High School team in the Winter season.

We do this by providing our high school players:

  • Elite Curriculum that is customized to the NEW High School player
  • Elite Coaching from players that have played in college and in the pro levels.
  • Elite Competition in our leagues that will prepare players for the upcoming Winter Season.

Last year our Varsity Division included full varsity teams and players from Sequoia High School, Palo Alto High School, Bellarmine, Woodside High School, St. Francis, Menlo-Atherton, Serra & Sacred Heart High School.

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Open vs. d1 division

What is the difference between Open & D1 Division?

D1 Divisions: 12U (Ages 11 & 12) & 14 Only (Ages 14 only)

Invitation: You must be invited to join a D1 Division, if you were invited to join a D1 Division you may register directly. If you'd like to register for a D1 Division, but was not invited directly, you will need to go through our evaluations to receive your invitation.

Competition: Our 12U & 14 Only D1 skill levels will have the highest competition in their age division. These divisions consist of our Black Club (AAU) players who are ranked nationally and other players who have shown to be the best in their age division.

D1 Workouts: All D1 players will participate in 60 minute small group workouts that are position and skill specific, instead of Clinics, which Open Division players participate in.

Dedication: D1 Division players have shown a strong dedication to basketball by attending all team specific workouts, while also participating in extra private training throughout the season which helps attack their weaknesses.

Strength Sessions: You will be committing your player to additional Team Esface Strength sessions during your week. You can come to "The Cage" located at SportsHouse up to twice a week. CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE

Contact Jerry Brown at jerry@teamesface.com with any other questions you may have regarding D1 or Open Divisions.




All players wanting to be involved in the Fall ReaLeague AND WHO DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN BLACK CLUB, TRUELEAGUE OR HOOP CAMP IN THE SPRING SUMMER need to be evaluated. If you have more questions about evaluations call us at 650-644-5582


You will receive your evaluation results 7 - 10 business days after your child's evaluation. The results will be delivered by email.

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If you have more questions about evaluations visit this page.


“This confidence is attributed to the fact that these coaches believe in him and his potential.”
— Shirley N | Fremont
My son Jean has been with them since 5 grade, he his a junior and still with them ,he loves this place.Great teaching, great program,great coaches,great people. They treat the players and the parents like family . We have enjoyed being with them all this year’s so much. Thank you.
— Humberto | Redwood City