Strength Training

Strength Training Statement

The Esface strength program is based on years of research from the top youth training facilities in the country. We consulted some of the top strength coaches to develop a comprehensive program to give our athletes a strong foundation of strength and stability to they can become stronger, faster, move better, and decrease their chances of getting injured. Our program includes exercises to improve posture, decrease injury, and build strength is a safe and effective manner, all crucial components to developing a true athlete who will thrive in the upcoming years and beyond.


Miguel Granados is the main contact for Strength training and can be reached below:

Phone: 650-642-5686



At Esface, we are aware of the many benefits positive coaching can have on your children both on and off the court. We believe the training exercises are only one part of a holistic process in developing your child.

  • Our coaches take pride in delivering your child the best experience to help develop them not only physically, but mentally as well.

    • Mental fortitude. There are ups and downs in both basketball and life, we want your children to understand this concept while helping them develop a “next play mentality”.

    • Process Oriented. CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. So often, we get down on ourselves during the process due to looking too far at the end result. Teaching your children that the only thing they truly control is their process can drastically change their attitude and world view. This will include concepts such as realistic goal setting and organization.

    • Focus. Focusing on the current task and not the outcome. Without focus, your child's potential will be hard to reach. Meditation and visualization techniques/exercises will be paramount to improving your child’s focus.

  • We realize every child is not the same, we care about your children and their development. Therefore, we personalize the way we coach each athlete to better fit your child’s personality en route to achieving their maximum potential.

  • Basketball is a competitive team sport. We make sure to implement these aspects in the way we train to make sure your child is accountable and better able to take what they learn from training onto the basketball court.

  • FUN! Research shows that your child internalizes information better when they are having fun. It is hard to want to get better if you’re not having fun.