Skill Workouts FOR AGES 11-14

Team Esface brings so much more to the boys with expectations on training, health and sportsmanship, the intangibles that make this organization so very different from the others we have tried. Well worth it and the families they attracted are a bonus in that it is a community that you want to be with on and off the curt.
— Sarah | Menlo Park

The best way to improve your basketball skills (and basically everything else) is to put in hard work.

What does hard work, focus, and effort create? Confidence. Confidence in your abilities as a player AND a person. When the opportunity presents itself to you on and off the court, preparation gives you the confidence to execute.

Our skill workouts are high-energy, low-stakes environment that gives athletes an opportunity to develop their skills with our elite coaches to work on their game. Shooting drills, dribbling stations, and more. Skill workouts are 100% dedicated to developing your skills as a player.