Esface is an acronym for Education and Service through Fashion, Athletics, Community, and Entertainment.

Education – in basketball training and character development -- a skills “crossover” to life.

Service – to our young athletes, people, and community, building exceptional character and drive.

Fashion – because threads are your second skin and announce your upbeat self. “Look good. Feel good. Play good.”

Athletics – are the hook, what drives you to give everything you got individually and as a team.

Community – to create bonds among kids from diverse family backgrounds who have no other way than sports to connect.

Entertainment – because high-energy enjoyment and creativity should be in everything we do.

Our basketball academy equips players with basketball skills and drills, the nuances of why they work, and the drive and work ethic to grow on and off the court. We're excited for you to join the journey.


Complete the questionnaire below.
We want to introduce you to our community of parents and athletes. 
These questions will help you think about how to build your brand and market you to our community and Bay Area.

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A mantra is a short 3-5 word phrase or motto that you live your business, and hopefully life, by.



  • Putting a face to a brand/service elicits trust with prospective customers.
  • Our goal is to authentically highlight you as a person and share how you can help players elevate their game with you.


  • It will be a 45-60 minute filming and photography session with our production team.
  • We will create a few short videos and a personal brand video
  • Our cinematographer/photographer will also capture 6-10 professional pictures


  • Have Dele connect you to Michael Crocker (if applicable)
  • After completing your introductory questionnaire, we will schedule a time and location to capture this content.
  • Michael & Dele will share how we will distribute the content and fill up your slots!