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AAU Elite Hoop Camp Week 6 Day 4 | august 15th, 2019 

Life Lesson (Intangible):Championship Mindset

Definition: A championship mindset encapsulates skills and life lessons that were all talked about in this camp, its about holding yourself to a higher degree and beliving in what you set your mind to.

I focus on one thing and one thing only - that's trying to win as many championships as I can. - Kobe Bean Bryant

Having grit and a championship mindset is essential if you want to become the greatest. Michael Jordan had the ultimate championship mindset, winning 6 NBA championships. He also had extreme grit throughout his career, having the courage and the strength to fight through adversity. 

1. Which NBA team is your favorite championship team?

2. What characteristics make up a champion?

Bonus Question: What was your favorite part of camp this week?

Bonus: Practice one of the moves below and post on social media (FB, Instagram or Twitter) with hashtag #teamesfacehw @teamesface. Also be ready to demonstrate in morning HW session.