Team Snap... Your New Best Friend

So you are now a coach for a Team Esface team... Congrats!

I bet you wish there was an app that allowed you to keep in touch with your team, find your practice & game schedule along with other various features. Well you are in luck... introducing TeamSnap.

TeamSnap is a communication, scheduling, photo sharing, information app that allows you to keep in touch with your team and be active with them through out your season.

Some of the cool things TeamSnap can do:

  • Communication: TeamSnap allows you to text, email or message your team through the TeamSnap app.
  • Scheduling: On TeamSnap you will find your teams practice/game times and locations.
  • Photo Sharing: This is a cool app where you can share photos of your kids throughout the season.
  • Team Information: You can keep team win-loss records, personal stats on your players and even link important information to your team.
  • Availability: Remember when you made that great practice curriculum for your entire team, only to be surprised that only 5 people showed up to your practice? Well now, with this Availability feature you will be able to know which kids will actually be at your practice before you create your curriculum.

To log-in to TeamSnap go to:

You will need to be invited to Team Snap by your Team Manager or HQ to be apart of your team.

Anyways, check out the video below for a good overview of TeamSnap.


Carlos Villicana