Team Esface Announces partnership with

nba Shooting coach 


We're excited to announce that we have partnered with PERFECT SHOTS as our Shooting Coach this year.  Coach David Nurse is offering personalized shooting instructions for ALL Team Esface players. This is an exciting step for our player development at Esface.  Here's a short welcome video from Perfect Shots founder & NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse.  For more background, please check out their website and 'Portfolio' page. All Esface players will have access to Perfect Shots at a special discounted rate of 25% off, just use coupon code "esface650." Several Esface players have already taken advantage of Perfect Shots this fall and winter, and we have seen good results in the development of their shooting technique. Do not miss out on this opportunity to transform your athlete's shot today!

review Perfect Shots video content to have a better understanding of what they have to offer!

How to sign up for perfect shots

  1. Visit
  2. Click "send in your shot"
  3. Choose package
  4. Upload 30 - 40 second video of your athlete's shot (click here for example)
  5. Enter promo-code
    1. $100 Version (5 min shot breakdown, only offered to Team Esface) CODE: esface1
    2. $250 Gold Version (Reg. $399, 1:1 live video call and all reports & drills) CODE: esface250
  6. Look for e-mail to set up your 1-on-1 video meeting with Coach David Nurse (GOLD VERSION) (click here for example)
  7. Transform your shot working on your shot by applying advice provided by Coach Nurse
  8. Stay connected for follow-up and progress checkpoint.  

Please don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Coach Nurse has been a shooting coach for the Brooklyn Nets, UCLA and has worked with hundreds of NBA players throughout his career. These 1-on-1 feedback sessions with Perfect Shots are the foundation of a player's shooting improvement each month - it's a process for young players to become great shooters! All players who participate in this program will get access to other exclusive content including challenges (like this), High IQ videos (like this), and NBA Guest Speaker conversations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this special program please contact us at!