“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”


Whether your athlete needs an introduction to the game or wants to take their skills to the next level we offer personalized hoop training programs that align your player's experience (beginner and advanced) and athletic goals.



Improve your game, develop your skills, and reach your athletic goals. Our small, private group setting creates an environment of heightened focus and direction for your athlete. Our trainers work with each athlete to understand their goals, strengths, and weaknesses to develop a training sessions that yields the best results.

We have 2 levels of skill for players: Beginner & Advanced. To understand what level your player is at we recommend signing up for an evaluation You may only attend the workouts that you player qualifies for. If you have questions regarding this qualification you can contact us.

  • Shooting Workouts: Perfect Your Shooting Mechanics, Form and Footwork.

  • Ball Handling Workouts: Enhancing Ball Handling Skills (footwork, speed, control & strength) while strengthening fundamentals and developing new advanced skill set. How to deal with tight defensive pressure, create space and maneuver in small spaces.

  • Finishing Workouts: Finishing through and after contact. Developing advanced footwork and techniques to finish over taller lengthier defenders. Developing touch around the basket.





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HIGH SCHOOL workouts


Based on Coach Level and Group Size

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Note: These rates apply for workouts hosted at our facilities.

*For 1 on 1 workouts or At-Home workouts, please contact our GM Chuck Barnes at chuck@teamesface.com