Youth Basketball PRIVATE Training

“Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard”

Whether your athlete needs an introduction to the game or wants to take their skills to the next level we offer personalized hoop training programs that align your child’s experience and athletic goals.

Our 60-minute private training sessions are led by Team Esface basketball trainers who have collegiate playing and coaching experience. These sessions offer your athlete the opportunity to improve the game, develop their skills, and reach their athletic goals. This small, private group setting creates an environment of heightened focus and direction for your athlete. Our trainers work with each athlete to understand their goals, strengths, and weaknesses to develop the workout for them that produces the best results.



Coach DMo Advanced Workouts (4 player max) | For Advanced Skilled Players Ages 12 - 14 years of Age: Coach DMo will take your player through an hour long workout that features some of our most advanced training focusing on your footwork, shooting, ball handling and attacking.

Coach DMo is Team Esface Pro-Trainer and has trained athletes from all over the world and all ages. You can follow DMo on our YouTube page to see how he can transform your player.

Suhail Mohammadi Combo Guard Workout (6 player max) | For players of all skill levels, ages 10 - 14. The workouts will emphasize IQ awareness and what it takes to be a two-way combo guard (point guard and shooting guard). You will train at a high intensity level so you can maintain a high level of energy and efficiency during games. You will also learn how to run a team and dominate a game from the guard position.

Splash Shooting Clinic (9 player max) | Improve your shooting percentage this season. Repetition is the mother of skill, Splash clinic will give our players a chance to get over 200 shots up. Working with an Elite Trainer, every athlete will start with form shooting and get feedback to make adjustments in real time. After this, players get to maximize reps starting close range and working their way out to behind the arc. 

I absolutely love Team Esface. I have 3 boys and all of them have been through their programs, including my youngest who is now 8. With 2 older brothers, the youngest needs additional challenges to keep him advancing. He was not allowed to play for the YMCA basketball program at age 7 because he was too advanced! The Jr Dribblers said he would be benched when he reached 10 points as well. Our only option was club ball, and Team Esface fit the bill. Their camps are amazing. You get actual instruction at the camps, and they get to play games, too. If you are looking for top instruction, then you have found the right place!
— Melanie H. | Redwood City, CA

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