Myles Nuñez

Myles was in 4th grade when he and a few buddies were playing basketball on a chained up, adjustable hoop in the parking lot of the Team Esface HQ on O’Keefe and Euclid in East Palo Alto.

One day we asked him “Do you really love basketball?” he said, “Yes, it’s the only sport I play.” 

This was right after school ended so our summer hoop camps were approaching. I handed him a flyer and told him to have his mother contact me so we can get him started...

Anyone with enough passion to play on a broken down hoop in a gravel parking lot is aligned with Team Esface.

Couple weeks later, he’s at camp and it was clear that our academy aligned with Myles' goals. Everything Myles wanted, Esface had...and everything Esface wanted in a player, he had.

The next year he tried out for a team at our evaluations and placed on one of our Division 2 teams.

At that time he was an overweight 5th grader with a lot of streetball moves, but lacked the fundamentals and basketball IQ to play a more structured, organized style.

The coaches had vision for the kind of player Myles could become... Myles had a hunger and love for the game that was rare. He gravitated towards every coach like a mentor and started attending private workouts outside of practices.

Over the next couple of years he would train with almost every coach on our staff expanding his skill level and personal growth. He did fifteen feet in workouts with our big men specialists and even ran the track with some of our college athlete coaches training in the offseason.

His seventh grade year he made his first division 1 team within our academy and I had the honor of introducing him to one of my favorite programs, the anti-softness program... which focuses on developing a tough mentality and a becoming comfortable with physical contact.

Soon after he would embark on another transformation with professional trainer, Coach D Mo during that summer pushing him into his 8th grade year with more confidence than ever. It showed in his games.

There was much more he would need to learn in order to transition into high school the following year. He developed the skill and his body... now it was time to transform his MIND.

His senior year of high school has been great... he's on a great team that's gritty and selfless.

Check out some of the media from his high school year...

We are beyond proud for his success so far and know that his hunger for more will accelerate his growth. Keep working Myles.

Coach Dele
Team Esface Basketball, CEO