Surai J. - Palo Alto, California

There's a lot that's been written about Team Esface's top notch skill development program (professional coaches, high motivation, genuine caring).

What I wanted to share is the character and sportsmanship development, skills that are harder to teach than basketball, in my opinion.  Like many other 8 year olds, my son has participated in team sports.   Team Esface is different.   Every coach, every staff member seems to live by their CEO's vision, to help our kids be better players but also be a better person.     My son learned how to lead a group,  play with a group but most importantly, make sacrifices for the group.   The beginning of selfless. Wow.   As his parent, I guess I can some of the credit but when I saw how Team Esface really lived by their mission,  I was impressed.  No other camp delivers on this point as well as Team Esface.  That's why we're coming back to join their year-round program.  There's tons of sport options out there for our kids but with Team Esface, I know I'm getting a lot more value than basketball.

I was most impressed with the CEO/coach.  If you pick up the kids from camp, you KNOW who he is, even if noone pointed him out.    His insanely infectious enthusiasm, genuine connection with the kids/staff  and excitement for what he does.... I wish he could be at every camp, sport or not.   As the business grows in popularity, I hope he still makes time for to be with kids and coaches.  He makes this camp worth every penny.

Michael Crocker