Team Manager Resource page


Team Managers Are An Essential Role In The Success Of Our Season.

Fist off, we all want to say thank you, for taking the time to be our team manager. You play a huge role in the success of the team and of our program. Team Mangers are our gateway to us understanding the way parents think.

A Successful Team Manager Has All Of the Following Characteristics:

  • Great Communicator - Passes information from Coaches to Parents and Parents to Coaches
  • Organized - Has to organize team documents (team book) and give essential information back to the team or HQ.
  • Diligent- Yes, sometimes it takes a little more effort to track down parents for information.

Team Manager Resources

Program Senseis: Sensei are experienced Team Managers who have been with our program for a long period of time and offer their expertise to our program. They are a resource to all of our programs.

  • Black Club Senseis:
    • 10U - 13U Teams: Elizabeth Kerrigan Phone is: 650-504-5239 Email is: 
    • 14U - 15U Teams: Janet McGraw Phone is: 650-888-7679 Email is: 
  • TrueLeague Senseis: Coming Soon, for now please use Mike Scott as Reference:


Team Esface HQ Personnel: You can call our office any time at 650-644-5582

  • Black Club Team Managers: James Lee, Email:
  • TrueLeague Team Managers: Mike Scott, Email:


Team Manager CheckList: Here is a Checklist for Success for being a Team Manager. it will go over the following: CLICK HERE

  • First Team Meeting:
  • Team Book
  • Travel Tournament Expectations (if applicable)
  • TeamSnap

Team Manager Technology

  • TeamSnap: TeamSnap is the most essential communication and scheduling platform for Team Managers. You will be invited to your own team's TeamSnap. This TeamSnaps roster will already be populated with contact inforamtion. On TeamSnap You will be responsible for.
    • Schedule Games and update scores:
    • Manage Rosters and Parent Contact: 
    • Monitor Communication and Get pulses from parents
    • Click Here for Best Practices For Krossover


  • Krossover (Black Club Only): This is an video analytics platform that breaks down film from your games into states and bite size videos. You will be invited to your Team's Krossover Account. On Krossover you will be responsible for (or we recommend delegating to a parent)


  1. SPEAK WITH YOUR COACH TO GET ALIGNED WITH HIS VISION & BEST PRACTICES: Sit down with you coach to get aligned on the vision of the season. How will communication flow with your team? Set up essential action items the coach wants from your position.
  2. COLAB WITH COACH AND HOLD YOUR FIRST TEAM MEETING: Your first team meeting is essential. Hold your first team meeting the first week your team is together for team practices. Follow the script provided to make sure it is a success.
  3. PUT TOGETHER YOUR FIRST TEAM BONDING EVENT: Put this event together so it is completed within the first 3 weeks of the season. This will build a great bonding experience for the team to build off of. Here Is A List Of Some Team Bonding Events (here view the "off field team building section)
  4. ACCEPT AND MANAGE YOUR TEAMSNAP ACCOUNT: Once you have accepted the invitation to TeamSnap, ensure that everyone on the team is on the roster and has accepted their own invitations. Put your team's jersey numbers on each player's profile. Start populating events/games if applicable.
  5. CREATE AND MANAGE YOUR TEAM BINDER FOR TOURNAMENTS: This is essential for tournaments this season. Make sure these are brought to every tournament. Make sure that Team Books have the following for every player:
    1. Proof of Birth: Either Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate
    2. Proof of Grade: Either Student Pass/Card or Report Card or note from authorized individual from school.