Team Esface is pronounced /es-FAH-chee/.  It is an acronym for Education and Service through Fashion, Athletics, Community and Entertainment. 

Founded in 2004 on the Peninsula, Team Esface is a basketball training organization for kids ages five through 18 that aims to inject youths with a love of basketball, positivity and hard work.  Our goal is to prepare kids to play well in high school, college and life.  No matter a kid's starting point, we will get her/him better at basketball and to believe that hard work is fun when you see progress.    

"We Believe every athlete Must be thoroughly equipped with a strong mind, a tough body, and complete skill-set to execute at every moment of the game."

Team Esface runs skills clinics for all ages and abilities throughout the entire year; offers recreational ReaLeague in the fall (Sept-Oct); tryouts-based AAU teams in Winter and Spring/Summer seasons (Nov-Feb and Apr - Jul); and delights kids with six weeks of Summer Hoop Camp (Mid June - August).