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Mission StatEment

Team Esface is pronounced /es-FAH-chee/

"We believe every athlete must be thoroughly equipped with a strong mind, a tough body, and complete skill-set to execute at every moment of the game."

Team Esface runs skills clinics for all ages and abilities throughout the academic year (Sept - Jun); offers recreational ReaLeague in the fall (Sept-Oct); coaches tryouts-based AAU teams in Winter and Spring/Summer seasons (Nov-Feb and Apr - Jul); and delights kids with six weeks of Summer HoopsCamp (Jun-Aug). 




Coaching Philosophy


We inspire players to build their mind, body and skill, identifying these as the foundation to any great athlete.

We believe that the life lessons learned through training and competing are more important than the on-court success of our athletes and, thus, are deliberate about building character.

We instill in our players a life-long love for the game by creating fun and memorable experience for our players, steeped in an energetic and hip basketball culture.

We coach our players in the fine details of team basketball on both sides of the court, developing high basketball IQ and effective teamwork skills.




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