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@teamesfaceWhat's your go-to dribble move? a) Crossover, b) Around the back, c) In-n-out dribble, d) Between the legs, e) Other.
@teamesfaceHoop Camp Build Characters, Flash Back: http://t.co/aChELEZcZw
@teamesface@RealDealGomes Heard that! Think the Warriors can win it all?
@teamesfaceWhen you're open in the corner and your teammate doesn't pass you the ball. http://t.co/pg4Yx9HFip
@teamesface@DanielleBarsi Who's the better basketball player? your little brother or your bf?
@teamesfaceWe gotta know -- whose shoe are you wearing these days? a) Lebron James, b) Kobe Bryant, c) Kevin Durant, d) Derrick Rose, e) _________.
@teamesfaceHustle Up Vol 4 coming soon!: http://t.co/xOUav5Vwgw
@teamesface@Jesushdez115 Heard that! Were you rooting for Duke?
@teamesface@CoachRolin So...who won that basketball game?

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