Shirley N. - Fremont, California

"My son is new to the Esface organization.  He has participated and played in various AAU basketball programs, locally and nationally.  Esface is the only program that my son has found true benefit and growth.  Esface is preparing him for high school basketball and beyond.  They work on strength and skills, off and on the court.  They believe in transforming the "whole" person.  With training from Coach Sean, Dele, D-Mo and Erin, in a very short amount of time, his ball handling and shooting skills have improved greatly.  Being invited to participate in special training programs by Coach Sean and Coach D-Mo, have given him an unleashed confidence in skill set.  This confidence is attributed to the fact that these coaches believe in him and his potential.  If you want a program that will "transform" your child in all aspects, then Esface, it's coaches and trainers will be a benefit to you." Shirley N. - Fremont

Melanie H. - Redwood City, California

"I absolutely love Team Esface.  I have 3 boys and all of them have been through their programs, including my youngest who is now 8.  With 2 older brothers, the youngest needs additional challenges to keep him advancing.  He was not allowed to play for the YMCA basketball program at age 7 because he was too advance.  The Jr Dribblers said he would be benched when he reached 10 points as well.  Our only option was club ball, and Team Esface fit the bill.  Their camps are amazing.  You get actual instruction at the camps, and they get to play games, too. If you are looking for top instruction, then you have found the right place!" Melanie H. - Redwood City

Kent B. - Redwood City, California

"My son participated in the summer basketball camp for the first time last year (2015).  At first, he was a bit intimidated because all of the other kids seemed to know so much more than he did about basketball.  But the coaches pulled my son in and helped him to gain confidence.  At the end of the first day, the early jitters were gone and when I picked up my son at the end of the day, he couldn't wait to get back to camp in the morning.  He not only improved his basketball skills, but he also learned valuable life lessons about trust and overcoming fears.  I would certainly recommend this camp to any other aspiring basketball players." - Kent B. - Redwood City

Margie R. - Menlo Park, California

"My 12 year old daughter has been playing with Esface for about two years now.  Before that she played with a different club and I also have two other kids that have played both basketball and volleyball at a variety of clubs. The coaching quality and the friendliness of the environment at Esface has been far better than anywhere else.  My child is not a sports star.  She is one of those kids that has to work consistently and for a long time to achieve good skills.  Esface has really focused on helping her achieve these skills and has made it so much fun for her to be part of a team." - Margie R - Menlo Park

Surai J. - Palo Alto, California

"There's a lot that's been written about Team Esface's top notch skill development program (professional coaches, high motivation, genuine caring).

What I wanted to share is the character and sportsmanship development, skills that are harder to teach than basketball, in my opinion.  Like many other 8 year olds, my son has participated in team sports.   Team Esface is different.   Every coach, every staff member seems to live by their CEO's vision, to help our kids be better players but also be a better person.     My son learned how to lead a group,  play with a group but most importantly, make sacrifices for the group.   The beginning of selfless. Wow.   As his parent, I guess I can some of the credit but when I saw how Team Esface really lived by their mission,  I was impressed.  No other camp delivers on this point as well as Team Esface.  That's why we're coming back to join their year-round program.  There's tons of sport options out there for our kids but with Team Esface, I know I'm getting a lot more value than basketball." 
- Surai J. - Palo Alto