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| Begins November 7th - February 10th 2017 |

| BOYS Divisions: 10U, 12U & 14U |

  • Exposure to high level coaches, trainers and collegiate athletes

  • Two mandatory 60-minute practices per week

    • One Team Power Hour per WeekPower Hours are training sessions led by your coach to work specifically on individual and team skills. These Power Hours will ensure team camaraderie while improving your skill set.

    • One 1-hour practice designed to address team concepts and on-court IQ. Practices will not only be an opportunity to learn offensive and defensive strategies and sets including, but also, fast break execution, fast break defense, half court on-ball and off-ball defensive strategy, and using and setting on-ball and off-ball screens. This is the time where players get to implement the skills they acquire at skills clinics and power hours into real-game situations.

  • Weekly Internal League Play on Friday Evenings: TrueLeague will consist of a 10 week/game long season. Season is broken down as follows:
    • Preseason: 1 week/game
    • Regular Season: 7 weeks/games
    • Play-Offs: 2 weeks/games
  • Participation in 2 Local AAU Tournaments: Tournaments will offer players the opportunity to gauge their individual and collective progress against other competitive programs and players in the Bay Area. *Coaches' travel expenses for out-of-town tournaments already included in season fee.
    • Tournament 1: Hustle Up Tournament April 23 & 24th
    • Tournament 2: TBD (month of May)
  • Participation in a Pro-Day Combine: Saturday, November 19th. A Professional style combine that assesses your athletic ability through state of the art measuring equipments. PRO day brings a unique medical and psychological assessment to our players. *Pro - Day fee already included in season. Learn more about Pro-Day here.
  • Lucid Sports Mental Training Curriculum: Team Esface Players will be exposed to curriculum that will help build confidence and mental fortitude on and off the court. Play Present is a sports psychology group that has helped hundreds of athletes around the world with their curriculum. Their curriculum enhanced with our focus on “Team Esface Grit” building, will bring your mental game to a new level. Learn more about Lucid Sports Mental Training here.
  • All Packages do not include a TrueLeague Jersey Set

By registering for this team package you have agreed to meet all expectations required of being a part of a TrueLeague team. Click here.



  • Includes everything listed above 
  • (1) one 90-minute skills clinic session per week Novemeber 7th-February 10th
    • Clinics are a 1.5-hr, high-intensity skill development session that focuses on the 5 fundamentals of basketball (ball handling, passing, defense and rebounding, shooting and finishing), while also introducing and teaching various intricacies and nuances of the game. Each month will have a different focus and will offer players the opportunity to learn, practice and then execute with and against their peers in their weekly games Friday evenings

ADD-ONS (available during registration)

  • (1) small group workout weekly session with elite trainer
  • (2) Team Esface weekly Strength Sessions
  • TrueLeague Jersey 
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